Border Collies have a very high need for exercise and can be expected to have high indoor activity. They are vigorous dogs that require good hard exercise on a regular basis. They make good watch dogs and poor guard dogs. They have a high learning rate and a very high obedience level.
—Country Journal, December 1987.



We all love these dogs—Hank (the 5-H male pup we got from you) and Star (the 5-H female pup we got from Edsalls). They have given us so much pleasure, and already Hank is a big help to Leonard. You were right when you told us they are good with kids. Leonard has three orphan calves, and every day he takes the pups out to bring the orphans in. Last week, he was showing off, and he had the dogs bring the calves right up to the house and onto the basketball court! The pup we got from you, Hank, is very smart and well-behaved. I guess you figured out that we liked your dogs (having gotten our first one from you—Hobbs) when Leonard called and asked for another pup. He had a rather sheepish expression on his face when he told me, but he didn’t get much argument from me! —Ronda Adam, Bingham, NE, 1995

Our pup Kate we got from you earlier this year is getting along fine. Already she wants to work the cows, steers, and heifers around the barn and whatever else is around handy. She is really a nice pup to have around. She has always gone with us everywhere since we brought her home. We really like her. —Jim McBee, Dillon, MT, December, 2001

What a smart dog Kate is! We just love her. —Jim McBee, Dillon, MT, December 2002

Monty is doing great. We all love him so much, and he has fit into our family perfectly. He is the smartest pup we have ever seen. We bought Lithgow’s book and really like the concepts and the way it was written. Most of the time Monty “knows” what he is supposed to do and does it. You only have to say NO to him one time, and he minds. He is brilliant! — Howard Gilmore

Ben’s really good with kids. He goes with me all the time in the pickup around the ranch doing chores, and he goes with me when we ride horses. He sure has a lot of endurance for a young dog, more than any older dog I’ve ever had. He’s a very aggressive heeler. He also has a very strong heading instinct. He learns fast. I use hand signals, which work the best, but I still have trouble slowing him down enough, and I have to keep track of him at all times when herding my yearlings in from the pasture each day. — Dean Rodne, Medora, ND, February 1993

5-H stockdogs take the intelligence and loyalty of Border Collies to a higher level. An added bonus is their low maintenance coat; their shorter hair is more resistant to burrs and matting. Our family was extremely fortunate to get a granddaughter of the infamous Denise. Stocking is more than 10 years old now, but her eyes are still clear, and her mind, sharp. She is a once-in-a-lifetime dog, and her progeny are sure to be the best dog you'll ever own. We've sold her pups all over the western United States and have never had a single complaint. Her daughter Lucky, who now belongs to Dick and Linda Grosskopf, was the result of an outcross breeding with a purebred Border Collie named Jim, who is the son of a purebred Border Collie that has won
stockdog championships all over the country as well as winning the Calgary trials. Lucky was bred to work. — Leesa Zalesky, Hesperus, CO, November 2010

We have owned two 5-H Border Collies bred by Dick and Linda Grosskopf--Hank, who we lost a year ago, and Morgan, who sired one of the recent litter of pups. Both have been phenomenal, both as working dogs and as family pets. They have both proven to have the stamina and endurance it takes to work cows for hours, traveling with us horseback over many, many miles in hot and cold weather. They are always eager to go to work and have a strong desire to please by listening attentively and paying close attention to commands. They have never been anything but gentle with our young son, and both are very loving animals, always wanting a scratch or pat on the head. We love these dogs. Living near the Grosskopf place, we have seen that these dogs are bred with care, doted over, loved, and played with from birth until they go to their new homes. — Clint & Corinne Hammond, November 2010

Our family owns and operates the Diamond G Ranch in Kettle Falls, Washington. A few years ago, Linda Grosskopf—through the Agri-News paper—had a contest to win one of their puppies. I won a male pup. We named him Montana in respect to the state he came from. He has become an indispensable member of our family. He is an amazingly intelligent dog. He is dedicated and eager when the time comes to work cattle, and Dad has even taught him to understand hand signals from the tractor. If Dad needs Montana to roundup the cattle or to move them out of the way, one signal, and Montana will get the job done. He even knows when Mom is driving up the hill at the end of the day and is always there to greet her with a doggy smile. He is wonderful with our younger cousins, nieces, and nephews when they come to visit and enjoys playing catch with them as well as running through the fields. We are so blessed to have him as part of our family. — Laurel Gilmore, February 2011

Axel, the puppy we bought from you in late May 2011, is amazing! So smart, but we knew he would be. He already comes when called... you must have been working on that with him. And he just loves our 3-year-old daughter. He also gets along great with our other dogs. Jeff's just thrilled as he
sees the "fire" in him that our dog Dexter has.
Jeff has always said, "Grosskopf dogs are the best.” Jeff's happy to have another one of your dogs in our family. And that's just what our dogs are to us: family.  
Axel has slept all night long since Sunday. He fits right in. He's ready to start his day at 5-5:30 like the rest of us. What a wonderful addition to our family! We can't thank you enough for him! Thank you again so very much! — Jeff, Ellen, & Ashley Sanderson