Border Collies have a very high need for exercise and can be expected to have high indoor activity. They are vigorous dogs that require good hard exercise on a regular basis. They make good watch dogs and poor guard dogs. They have a high learning rate and a very high obedience level.
—Country Journal, December 1987.


Grandparents - Denise and Smart

Fresh off the plane from Australia, seven-month-old Denise watches keenly—through the bars of the chute where she has been tied up out of harm’s way—as some other lucky dog gets to work cows at the Scott Lithgow Clinic held at Camp 8 in June 1991. She never lost that eager desire to work stock and was an asset to every operation.


Scott Lithgow arrives in June 1991 at Camp 8 with the two seven-month-old 5-H stockdogs—Denise on the left and Smart on the right.